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Adding vCenter to Avamar – Failed to communicate to vCenter

Actually I’m working more and more with some of EMC’s (new Dell šŸ˜‰ ) products for a customer.

On the actual situation we had to add the vCenter Server to theĀ new Avamar Server. While I was adding the server, I received the following message:

Failed to communicate to vCenter. Unable to find valid certification path to the vCenter



After searching a while in the Avamar for VMWare Admin guide I’ve found the solution. You either can add the certificate to the Avamar cert store (this would be the secure way) or you just can disable this check.

As our customers environment is not a high secure domain, we have choose the second way. For this we connected to the Avamar server by ssh. Please useĀ the admin user for this.

Then go to the following directory and edit the mcserver.xml:


In the xml search for the following string:

Then change the value from false to true:



Now we can restart the MCS server and the vCenter will be added successfully:


Now the vCenter was added successfully: