ESXI 5.5 and & BL460C G9 having problem with SDs

I recently have seen the following error on a customer environment:


In the IML I’ve found the following errors:


after searching a while for the problem, I rebooted the esx host and the error was gone. Some days later the error appeared again but this time on another host.

It’s already the 5. or 6. time this error appears irregular on the esx hosts.

So I decided to check the internet if somebody else also has this problem. I quickly have found someone with the same problem:

As I’ve read, there may be a problem with the ILO firmware 2.20. So we will try to update it to the last version and we will see how this goes on.

I’ll update this post as soon as I have news.

One thought on “ESXI 5.5 and & BL460C G9 having problem with SDs”

  1. Hai Bruno,

    Do you have any experience with my problem.

    I have brand new BL460c Gen9 and I want to Install ESXi 5.5.
    I configured Virtual Connect dan create server profiles for the Blade.

    But when I want to install EXSi 5.5 its stuck, because when I checked port mapping on the Blade its only show 4 NIC –> its should be 8 NIC ( I used HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 536FLB Adapter, OA ver 4.60 and VC 4.50)

    HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 536FLB Adapter
    Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC 0) LOM1:1-a OK Bay 1 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:60
    Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC 2) LOM1:1-b OK Bay 1 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:61
    Ethernet FlexNIC LOM1:1-c OK Bay 1 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:62
    Ethernet FlexNIC LOM1:1-d OK Bay 1 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:63
    Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC 1) LOM1:2-a Bay 2 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:68
    Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC 3) LOM1:2-b Bay 2 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:69
    Ethernet FlexNIC LOM1:2-c Bay 2 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:6A
    Ethernet FlexNIC LOM1:2-d Bay 2 Port 2 F4:03:43:9E:45:6B


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