VPXA.wordpress.com goes VPXA.info

I finally migrated my blog from the public wordpress server to a private one.

One of the reasons for the migration was the possibilty to customize the website directly by editing the files. The second reason for the migration was the lower price for hosting than for the premium or business wordpress.com plans. They are to expensive for the features you recieve.

Thanks to wpbeginner.com for creating this useful post explaining how to migrate wordpress.com to wordpress.org. With this tutorial  it is really foolproofed and you can simply migrate it.

After the migration I added the Jetpack for WordPress and added a new design. I hope you like the new design.

In the next few days I will update the blog with new features and content. So please stay tuned!

Please use from now on the  new URL: http://vpxa.info

The old site will be deleted in the next few days

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